Educational Opportunites
Career-focused programs at Lansing Community College prepare you for real-world industry demands through hands-on instruction. One- or two-year programs, taught by faculty who are experts in their fields, prepare you for quick employment after graduation or successful transfer to a four-year institution. Trades technology programs lead to careers in carpentry, building, electrical, architecture, construction management and energy management. Students studying these fields learn in facilities that mimic the work environment and master coursework that follows industry codes and regulations. Many employers recognize LCC's excellence in career preparation and seek LCC graduates when recruiting.

 Degree & Certificate Programs



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Job Openings                                                                                           


Snapshot of what is required to start a career in construction:
57% of jobs will require a certificate in a skilled trade
33% of jobs will require a four-year degree
10% unskilled

Curious about wages?
$12.47 to $31.92 per hours

Concrete Finishers
$10.18 to $28.86 per hour

$13.43 to $33.69 per hour

$10.93 to $28.85 per hour

$14.46 to $36.15 per hour

$9.67 to $30.98 per hour

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