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The HBA of Greater Lansing is a non-profit trade association comprised of home builders, suppliers, sub-contractors, lending institutions, and others whose primary purpose is the promotion of home ownership & improvement of the home building industry.

Membership dues include a full membership with HBA of Greater Lansing, the HBA of Michigan (HBAM) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).


Why become a member?
Why should you become a member of HBA of Greater Lansing? That is a very good question to ask yourself and likely your answer is not different than the reasons than our other members had for joining.  We offer opportunities to help save your business money, education, access to industry information, insurance programs and opportunities to network and socialize with people in your industry.  

How can you become a member?
Applying to become a member of HBA of Greater Lansing couldn't be easier!! Download an application to become a member of HBA of Greater Lansing today! You can fax or mail your completed application to the HBA of Greater Lansing office.

Some questions people frequently ask when completing their membership application?

1. Who should I list as the contact name?

The contact name is who everything from HBA of Greater Lansing will be directed to. They will also be the name listed in the HBA of Greater Lansing membership directory.

2. How can I change the contact name or change my information?

If you would like to change who the contact name for your company name is, or update any of your contact information, please fax your request on company letterhead to HBA of Greater Lansing at 517-323-0390 .

3. Do I need to list references?

If there is any question regarding your professional reputation, the HBA of Greater Lansing New Member Review Committee will contact the individuals you have listed as references to gain additional information about you.

4. What is a sponsor?

Has anyone told you about HBA of Greater Lansing? Did anyone share with you the benefits of membership? This person would be your sponsor. Listing someone as your sponsor is very important to that individual--they will be recognized for bringing in a new member to the Association and can gain Spike Points.

5. What type of member am I?

Builder Members: Hold an active building license and have been in the home building industry for a minimum of two years.

Associate Members: Work for a company or organization that supports the home building industry through the services they provide or the products they sell.

Affiliate Members: Another individual at the same company is currently a Builder or Associate member.

Dues with HBA of Greater Lansing:

  • HBA of Greater Lansing Membership: $610 per year
  • Remodelers Council: $75 per year (must be a HBA of Greater Lansing member to join the Remodelers Council)
  • Professional Women in Building Council: $75 per year (must be a HBA of Greater Lansing member to join the Professional Women in Building Council)
  • Affiliate Membership: $75 per year (must be an employee, partner, stockholder of a HBA of Greater Lansing member to be an Affiliate Member)